Monday, January 3, 2011

Weasels and Badgers

Yesterday my Ferret Pink Paw Print Necklace was included in a cool Etsy treasury. I'm always honored to have my stuff selected for a treasury, since there are some many talented artists and lovely items to choose from. Thanks Bohemia Skye!

Any mention of a weasel, reminds me of the Fisher I saw a couple years ago. I was up extra early that morning, and have no one else to witness or enjoy the sighting of this creature. Some think I was dreaming. LOL It was running with it's strange gait along our stone wall. I had never seen one before and had no idea what it was. My first thought, since we have streams and small ponds all around us, was that I was looking at a river otter. It was so much bigger than the mink like animals (probably American martens) I saw growing up on my family's property. After researching, I learned it was a large fisher, which have begun to make a comeback into our southern part of New England.
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'Weasels and Badgers' by BohemiaSkye

Treasures for weasel and badger lovers.
















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Michele Lynch Art said...

Congratulations on the treasury!! What did you see??? a woosel or a wassel??? Never heard of one! xo Michele