Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Featured in a Treasury

I love Etsy's Treasury feature. I enjoy curating them and love to search through the collections others have put together. Fair warning: Treasuries can be very addictive!

Frums Glass Menagerie was featured in a pet themed treasury. Natalie of Shriever's Retreat included my cat necklace. Natalie titled the treasury Your Best Friend, with the subtitle, Show the world your love for your pet with these great gifts for you. I love how so many people can use the same theme and find a totally unique collection. I wish I needed a baby gift. I would buy the cute parakeet shoes. The hamsters created using peanuts as a mold are just too much. The artist also makes tiny pink babies. I might have to buy those little hamsters for my niece and nephews. Many thanks to Natalie. As I've said before, with all the tons of stuff flooding the internet, being featured is always an honor.

For those that do not know, treasuries are lists of 16 items each that Etsy members pick out. These lists last for three days each and may have a common theme, color, or may just be items the curator admires. The curator can change the items often in those 3 days or not. The front page of Etsy is picked from the various treasuries curated by the members.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bobcat on Christmas Eve

Originally uploaded by Frums Glass Menagerie
It was on the far corner of the property, contrasting so nicely against the white snow, sniffing an evergreen tree. For an instant, the flicker of white under it's tail made me think I was seeing a deer. No, couldn't be. Wrong body shape and size. Was it a coyote? No. It was heavier than the coyotes I've seen recently, and again, the wrong body shape.
It was a large bobcat. It was out for a relaxing walk, smelling trees and bushes on the way, enjoying the sunset of Christmas Eve. It walked closer and closer, coming about 15 feet from the patio. I thought it would see our mad scramble for binoculars and cameras. If it did, it certainly wasn't fearful.

It was so cool to watch this big guy for a few minutes. We're all still talking about how huge it was compared to others we have seen through the years.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Annual Holiday Photo Card

Hoping everyone has an awesome holiday with family, friends, and furkids!

eat, laugh, snuggle, and be merry...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ferret Love

Today Frums Glass Menagerie was featured on Scrivener's Retreat blog. We are so grateful to be featured. With all the stuff to be found on the internet, having something of mine featured is really an honor. Thank you.

I will be making more ferret pendants soon. I'm hoping to finish a full body ferret design too. Love the idea of painted Oscars and guppies too. Click here to visit Scrivener's Retreat Etsy Shop.
This ferret stuffie is available at Scrivener's Ferret. In this talented ferret lover's shop, you find some fun pet toys. They'd also make great human collectibles. I love the ratties. My dogs would love the drumstick, chicken wings, and the T-bone steak. As someone who has fed my dogs a BARF diet (i.e. raw chicken wings), it would pretty fun to see them running around the house with stuffie wings.
Check out Scrivener's Retreat by visiting her shop and her blog (links above).

A recent story of ferret love and the joy animals bring to our lives:

I met a man in the waiting room of our veterinarian's office. He was an elderly man who has a small, cream colored ferret in his arms. They were there to have it's nails trimmed. Sweet Pea and this little ferret enjoyed getting close and sniffing one another.

The man shared with me, that his wife had recently passed on. He told me of the many ways the little ferret showed how much it really missed the woman. It was a heartbreaking conversation learning the details of his years with his wife, and how he and the ferret missed her. It was also very heartwarming that the
ferret gave him so much joy, love, and comfort, helping with his grief.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowman and Corgi

This snowman and corgi was created for my Etsy Beagle Team challenge. The theme was Happy Howl-i-Days. http://etsybeagles.blogspot.com/

Mary of Misobel on Etsy.com featured my snowman on her blog:

It was fun to find my necklace featured among so many other wonderful handcrafted snowman.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Woodland Dachshund

This is the third finished pendant of my Woodland Pets Series. This little dog got tired of playing with it's red ball and is catching a few Zzzz's beneath a couple a birch trees.

I wonder what dreams are dancing in that little head?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleeps With Iggies

I have been playing with a new fused glass technique. I've been having fun thinking of various sayings that could go on a pendant, personalized dog tags, and a lot of non dog related items too. My mind always has lots of ideas...little time to actually sit down and make them happen.

Any words or sayings you'd like to see?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a r t 4 m i l k b o n e s - a girl & her dogs: Custom Needle Felted Dog Giveaway!

I found a great give way that is easy to sign up for and perfect for pet lovers like myself.
Imagine winning a custom felted sculpture of your dog.

I just love the felting that is currently being done by talented artists, such as You Call The Dog. I really have to resist spending money on roving and needle felting tools. The wool loving, fiber artist in me so wants to give it a try.

a r t 4 m i l k b o n e s - a girl & her dogs: Custom Needle Felted Dog Giveaway!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Glass Donations to Italian Greyhound Rescue

We had a great time shopping for glass this weekend. I found lots of fun stuff at our community's annual tag sale. I really like the size and color of the blue wine glasses. After I decorate them, I may never part with them.

Our weather was gorgeous. Perfect for some apple picking and hiking with the dogs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Designs from Frums Glass

Also in the design process:
1. Yorkie
2. Wire hair Dachshund
3. Short hair Doxie
4. A pair of sitting Italian Greyhounds
5. Persian Cat
6. Some fun sayings

Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome Guests

Turn up the volume on your speakers and join this Texas breakfast. It is a cool video that I must admit, reminds me of breakfast, lunch, and dinners with my pack of four sighthounds. I'm not sure why? The long slender necks? The willingness to join us for some of our food?
Click here and pull up a chair.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Banana Blossom

Banana Flower
Originally uploaded by Frums Glass Menagerie

We have been growing this banana plant for two years. We plant it in our Connecticut garden each summer, then drag it inside to winter in a pot. It has been so exciting to watch it flower.
I wonder if we'll ever see a banana.

What's in the kiln today?

A quick photo before closing the kiln for firing my paintings. Some are in final kiln processing, others are in the early stages, and face many more firings. Dachshunds, a Burmese and Sphinx cat, a Llama, Great Danes, and Corgi too. I will be another 12 hours before I can peek and see if all worked as I had planned.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Greyhound Lighthouse Necklace

This necklace will be auctioned on Ebay, beginning Friday, August 7th, with 100% proceeds going to East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue. They will be helping to transport four 10 year old italian greyhounds, who were in a kill shelter in one of the southern states.

The four dogs had been with the same elderly man since puppy hood. When he lost his home and had to live in his car, the dogs went to a friend, who ultimately got tired of them, and sent them to the shelter.

God bless the rescuers who have helped them and the loving people who will ultimately adopt them. Thoughts and prayers to the elderly man who had to give them up.

Sure wish we could squeeze another senior hound into our home.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here Doggy Doggy Doggy

Our little poodle key chain was featured on a cute Etsy Treasury.
Curated by Made with Love, Aunt Bucky, it is titled, Here Doggy, Doggy, Doggy. I think it is a lovely tribute to man's best friend and such an honor to be included.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogs and Lillies

Our beautiful, fragrant lilies are gone. This year they did not come back up. I blame the increasing population of chipmunks, although, it may have simply been the age of the bulbs or the winter weather.

For 7 years, the dogs sat for their annual photo. I'll be planting more and hope to get our newest girl, Gemma in next years group photo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Vintage Touch: Blog Art Give Away.

Artist Lara Harris has opened a new store on Etsy. In celebration she is offering an opportunity to win a CUSTOM OIL PAINTING of something you TREASURE...maybe that is a special teacup , a favorite pair of heels, a beloved family pet, or any other little knick-knack that holds special significance to you! Check it out by clicking below. Good luck.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet Pea, Pepie, Farfalle, and Gemma

Our sweaters from A & B Originals Boutique have arrived. The dogs and I are thrilled. We love our selection of colors and the perfect fit. We have sweaters that were made by Angela of A & B Originals from years back. They have held up to use so well, and still look as good as the day we bought them. These are heirloom quality dog sweaters, which we think are just adorable on our little models.

Pekingese on Shell

While organizing my studio, I found this wire wrapped bead pendant, which I had made closer to two years ago. The design was inspired by a friend's little dog.
The wire is Argentium Silver, which is trademarked and patented .925 sterling silver made with the addition of Germanium. Traditional sterling silver is made of silver and copper. The addition of germanium in Argentium makes it a very tarnish resistant silver. It is really amazing that it sat uncovered, exposed to the air for nearly two years, without any tarnishing.

SilverHounds Auction for Donny

Donny was advertised as a 12 year old "Senior Italian Greyhound Free to a Good Home" on Craig's List. He may have ended up as, defenseless training bait for a dog fighting ring, but timing was perfect and he is now with the SilverHounds Organization. His medical expenses for blood tests, treatment, and dental are so very high. Generous artists and artisans are donating stuff to help raise money for his healthcare. Take a peek just for fun, or go shopping for friends, family, and yourself. I love the basset hound decoration.
Visit the SilverHounds action for Donny by clicking here.
or clicking below:
SilverHounds Auction

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man's Best Friend Creative Challenge

The Etsy Beagle Street Team, aka The Beagles Team, is featuring their 3rd team challenge giveaway! The theme of this challenge is Man's Best Friend.
Visit the team blog: http://etsybeagles.blogspot.com/
Just by posting a comment as to which is your favorite challenge entry, you could win a prize. Details are posted on the blog. Voting ends Sat.,June 13th.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pet Boutique Blog

Frums Glass is so excited to be part of a new and growing blog. I thought I was aware of the many wonderful pet related shops on Etsy and Artfire, but I found even more through this blog.
If you love pets check out The Pet Boutique Blog:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pets Jubilee Photo Contest

Check out the Frums Glass parrot pendant in this new treasury. It was featured among other PetsJubilee team members fun stuff in this great treasury! It's titled:
"Have You Entered Your Pet Yet" Why not submit a photo and be a contestant to our photo contest. Last day to entry is May 15th. Read the details of the contest by clicking HERE.

Thank you CodysCloset! Please stop by her shop and her blog!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jimmy Stewart and Bo


I believe Jimmy Steward was a national treasury.
A one of a kind.
I never tire of watching old clips of him.

His poem "Bo" has choked me up each time I've read it.
It's hard for me to imagine anyone who has loved and lost a pet, not shedding a tear or two. Watching this man recite the poem, leaves me weeping out loud.
Grab a tissue and watch him deliver his poem on the Johnny Carson show, 1981.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you Treasury

I voted in a California Crafters Club of Etsy's challenge and they were kind enough to include me in a treasury.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Senior Sadie Needs Help

This sweet older girl reminds me of my Gemma. Both were found in difficult situations and needed major dental help.

Sadie is in need of expensive medical care. Her veterinarian in Prescott AZ (Mile High) has estimated about $900 to repair her rotted, broken jaw and extract what's left of her teeth. Her foster mom says she's a sweet, active dog and gets a long well with the other dogs. She is about 8 years old and 6 pounds.
Please visit her site to learn more of her.

Thank You...
Sadie's Fundable:

Confessions of a Dog Lover

These scribblings look like those of a crazy dog lady. Yes, I suppose it is true. I am a bit crazy when it comes to my dogs. I adore my dogs (all my pets) and have fun buying them collars and sweaters from time to time. I made this sketch and jotted down measurements, while choosing colors and sweater styles from A and B Originals. Click here to visit her website and see how difficult it is to make a selection from the A&B Boutique. http://www.aandboriginals.com/
Confessions of a Crazy Dog Owner

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mermaid with Seahorse

This is my entry into the Nibble Fest Art Contest, a themed competition the ends on the 27th of each month, with starting bids at just 99 cents, no reserve. The theme for April is "favorite children's story". My original glass painting is based on Frank L. Baum's book, Sea Fairies.

Click below to visit my Ebay listing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Spotlight

LuvHandmade, a social networking Ning site I recently joined, has launched LuvHandmade.com. Frums Glass is proud to be the first featured artist since the start of the new website.
Click here to read our interview with LuvHandmade.com.
Visit the community tab to join the group. It is a friendly place to shop and to promote handmade crafts & art.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Painting Pulik

I've been trying new techniques. I painted each layer of glass prior to fusing. Each layer had about 4 layers of paint, with kiln polishing between each layer of paint. After a sigh of relief that the pieces of painted glass fused together successfully, I added more details (more paint and kiln polishing) to the pendants.

Lots of ideas for more whimsical sheep and puli paintings dance in my brain. Settling down to paint them is the hard part. Hugs to your Herding dogs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beagles and Blooms Bracelet

Check out Etsy's Beagles Team "Beagles and Blooms" themed challenge entries. If you vote on your favorite entry or link to your own blog, you have a chance to win this bracelet by MsAnomaly

Click here to get the details on the teams free give away

Sunday, March 29, 2009

East Coast Rescue Necklace

Our precious Gem, a.k.a. Muffy, was adopted through East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue. This necklace was made to help raise funds for the group.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Retro Cat

Retro Cat
Originally uploaded by Frums Glass Menagerie
I've been working with a new type of glass. Hand painting on it is a bit more challenging, at least thus far. Every change seems to bring a new hurdle to get past.

I finished this kitty and realized it looks so much like my first cat. His name was Thomasina. Yes a male cat named Thomasina. I named him after a Disney movie when I was four years old. The 1964 movie was titled, The Three Lives of Thomasina. Ever hear of that oldie?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Pea wearing Cup Cozy

Sweet Pea wearing Cup Cozy

Kristy, owner of Etsy shop, Creature Comforts LLC., made us this beautiful cup cozy. It also functions as a little neck warmer for our girl. The pink in the yarn is one Sweet Pea's 'signature' colors, plus the little flower/bone on the side matches her crocheted jacket perfectly.
Thank you Kristy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Interviewed by the Beagles

I belong to the Etsy Bealges Street Team. My interview with them is posted on their blog.
Click here to read my interview.

Pee Wee Buddy
This a photo of Pee Wee Buddy of Harmony Hills Acres, my first dog.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Brain and Haley

a r t 4 m i l k b o n e s - a girl & her dogs: So my sister adopted some .... GOATS! This blog post reminded me of Brian and Haley:
This is Brian with my cousin. Brain was rescued from a dog fighting ring. These little beings are being used to bait and train dogs to fight.

This is Haley. She lives like one of the dogs inside a home. She is owned by my cousin's boss. My cousin works for the local humane society, so I would guess Haley was also a rescued goat.

Monday, February 9, 2009



Welcome Kitty to the Frums Glass Menagerie collection. Her formal name is Katherine and she is a one of a kind (OOAK) creation. She and other glass gals will be available through Ebay, starting tonight, February 9th.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

KIwi and Orange Treasury

Kiwi and Orange Treasury
Frums Glass has been featured in two Etsy.com treasuries in the past 24 hours.
My Miniature Pinscher pendant was included in this kiwi and orange themed treasury. This collection was curated by Tricia of Kookyhandbags. Thanks Tricia! This is a front page worthy collection.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beagle Team Treasury

Beagles Team Treasury
It is always fun to find your work featured in Etsy's treasuries. This time I found a follow Beagles Team member included my Skye Terrier pin in this pretty collection. Thanks Annie!