Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ferret Love

Today Frums Glass Menagerie was featured on Scrivener's Retreat blog. We are so grateful to be featured. With all the stuff to be found on the internet, having something of mine featured is really an honor. Thank you.

I will be making more ferret pendants soon. I'm hoping to finish a full body ferret design too. Love the idea of painted Oscars and guppies too. Click here to visit Scrivener's Retreat Etsy Shop.
This ferret stuffie is available at Scrivener's Ferret. In this talented ferret lover's shop, you find some fun pet toys. They'd also make great human collectibles. I love the ratties. My dogs would love the drumstick, chicken wings, and the T-bone steak. As someone who has fed my dogs a BARF diet (i.e. raw chicken wings), it would pretty fun to see them running around the house with stuffie wings.
Check out Scrivener's Retreat by visiting her shop and her blog (links above).

A recent story of ferret love and the joy animals bring to our lives:

I met a man in the waiting room of our veterinarian's office. He was an elderly man who has a small, cream colored ferret in his arms. They were there to have it's nails trimmed. Sweet Pea and this little ferret enjoyed getting close and sniffing one another.

The man shared with me, that his wife had recently passed on. He told me of the many ways the little ferret showed how much it really missed the woman. It was a heartbreaking conversation learning the details of his years with his wife, and how he and the ferret missed her. It was also very heartwarming that the
ferret gave him so much joy, love, and comfort, helping with his grief.


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Thank you for featuring me! I hope someone is giving me your ferret necklace for Christmas. One reason I started making these toys is because I thought how cute it would be to see a BARF or raw-fed pet running around with the toys in their mouth. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this way.