Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pet Boutique blog featured this Frums Glass Menagerie necklace today. I love this blog. It is a super, one stop shopping, source for finding unique pet and animal themed items. Thanks Angela for featuring my necklace. An extra bonus is the exposure the Etsy Beagles team will get from the link in my necklace description.

The Etsy Beagles Team invites everyone to check out our Hearts and Hounds team challenge and blog giveaway:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ferret Lovers Jewelry

I've been inspired to create a few items that a ferret lover might like.

I found myself wondering how long ferrets have been pets in the United States. I did a little internet searching and discovered they were pretty rare in the U.S. until the '80s.

It was the mid to late eighties when I was visiting my parents, probably home from college, and I helped reunite a ferret to it's owner. I was in the garage with the door wide open, when in strolled a ferret. It was obviously someone's pet. It came up to me and had no fear. The closest neighbor was about 5 acres away and a busy 3 lane road bordered one side of the property. Long story short, the little guy belonged to a neighbor, who was very happy to have it's safe return.