Monday, February 1, 2010

Ferret Lovers Jewelry

I've been inspired to create a few items that a ferret lover might like.

I found myself wondering how long ferrets have been pets in the United States. I did a little internet searching and discovered they were pretty rare in the U.S. until the '80s.

It was the mid to late eighties when I was visiting my parents, probably home from college, and I helped reunite a ferret to it's owner. I was in the garage with the door wide open, when in strolled a ferret. It was obviously someone's pet. It came up to me and had no fear. The closest neighbor was about 5 acres away and a busy 3 lane road bordered one side of the property. Long story short, the little guy belonged to a neighbor, who was very happy to have it's safe return.

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Scrivener's Retreat said...

Wow, ferrets that escape don't make it back home too often. I love your ferret jewelry. I am going to have to blog about them myself soon.