Thursday, July 12, 2012

Police Help A Black Bear

A few weeks ago my father encountered a black bear while at a club be belongs to.  It is in an area that is many acres of undeveloped woods.  They both minded their own business.  The family joked about my father only having a staple gun in hand.  A staple gun would have been unless had he needed to defend himself.  Apparently, the bear was limping a bit and had very distinguishing physical characteristics.

Last night my parents called and were all excited because when they pulled out of their driveway, they were stopped by 2 state troopers who had their cars set in the 3 lane road stopping traffic (photo above is the exact location).  Crossing the road was the same bear.  It was 10-12 miles from the place my father saw it almost 2 weeks ago.  My parents were going on and on about it being the same bear and how it was possible as a bears territory is large, etc.  My father was so sure is was the same bear.  

So I wondered...isn't the fact that 2 state troopers were escorting a bear across a highway more interesting than the fact that it was the same bear?  How did the police know it was crossing at that time?  Hmmm?

I am inspired to go paint a bear.  I'll let you know how it comes out.