Monday, January 16, 2012


Coyote Fall 2002 by Frums Glass Menagerie
Coyote Fall 2002, a photo by Frums Glass Menagerie on Flickr.
We heard coyotes yipping and howling to one another the other night. They sounded really close; maybe in our neighbors yard. While we are already mindful of never allowing our dogs into their fenced in yard alone, it was a good reminder to be ever vigilant in protecting our dogs. There have been way too many cats and small dogs snatched from their yards in this neighborhood. 

I found the above photo, which was taken about 9 years ago, from my kitchen window.  This coyote was eating wild pears that had fallen from that old tree.  Coyotes are nocturnal, so seeing them in the day is unusual for us. 

One of the blogs I visit frequently is all about a coyote named Charlie:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Sweet Pea as Max.

Wishing everyone a very healthy and happy new year. 

I thought I'd sart this year with a few photos I did not post earlier: 

Our holiday card with the ornament I received from my Etsy Team Pets Jubilee gift exchange.  The sculptured poly clay ornament was custom made of Sweet Pea in her hat.  Sasha of the Etsy shop, SassySashadoxie sent it along with a lovely bone shaped italian greyhound Christmas stocking.  I suspect Sasha's human owner and slave had a lot to do with assembling this cherished gift.

The second photo shows Pea in her Max hat.  The Grinch would be honored to be the inspiration for such a cute hat...even before his heart grew.  Both hats are made by Diana of Etsy Shop StylinDogsBoutique.

More dogs in hats....My nephew's drawing from Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving 2011 Tony's sketch