Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogs and Lillies

Our beautiful, fragrant lilies are gone. This year they did not come back up. I blame the increasing population of chipmunks, although, it may have simply been the age of the bulbs or the winter weather.

For 7 years, the dogs sat for their annual photo. I'll be planting more and hope to get our newest girl, Gemma in next years group photo.


Michele Lynch Art said...

Sad the the lilies didn't come up this year! They were gorgeous! The pic of your sweeties with the lilies as a backdrop is fab! xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!

..and you can send some chipmunks my way.. I've YET to see one in TN.. they were everywhere when I lived in NY..I kinda miss the lil' guys.

MsAnomaly said...

So sorry your beautiful lillies are gone :( I wonder if the unusually wet and cold weather this summer had something to do with it. Maybe the bulbs rotted? We lost several plants due to that. Boo! I hope you can get new bulbs and get a picture with Gemma joining the group! This photo is soooo cute! :0)