Sunday, January 2, 2011

Patterened Floor Tiles and My Kitchen Backsplash

On this first Sighthound Sunday of 2011, I'm sharing a few greyhound tiles.

First of all a photo of greyhound tiles from the floor of Sainte Chapelle in Paris, France.

Paris:  Sainte Chapelle's floor

This IG tile by Sondra Alexander is one of my personal favorites. Click here to see her shop.

I have searched the internet over and over for tiles these past few months. This summer, my husband and I decided to do some long overdue repairs to our home. Adding a gutter, replacing the back door and a couple of windows - mostly work we did own our own. Replacing the crumbling particle board kitchen cabinets was the major part of our home improvements.

Choosing a tile for the backsplash was a long (very long) search. I really wanted some tiles from Sarah Regan Snavely and matching field tile. I imagined a parade of winged animals, her horse, greyhound, cat, and maybe a cow, under my kitchen window sink. Lots of movement in the design and lots of stars.


Ultimately, I decided the early american kitchen I have dreamed of, was not exactly in keeping with our home's contempory style. The plain, simple, off white, and much cheaper tile we ordered, will arrive in another week or two. Yeah! All decorating decisions are finished and we will begin installing the last home repair for a long while. Oops. I forgot. I still need to decide on a grout color.

Gemma abd Farfie boy

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