Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tony's Sweet Pea

Just a quick post for this Sighthound Sunday:
The sighthound this week is a portrait by Tony, my 6 year old nephew, done on thanksgiving day. Sweet Pea was laying on her side in front of the fire. Tony made a noise which caused Pea to lift her head and look in his direction. They caught eyes for a moment. Tony quickly ran to his paper and pen to capture her portrait. Watching him get inspiration, then run to his paper was so much fun. He did this with the logo on his father's shirt, the mouse figurine on my side table, each of our dogs.

I hope he continues to draw.


MsAnomaly said...

That's a doggone good drawing for a 6-yr. old! ;) I hope Tony keeps drawing, and uses your 4 furbabies as inspiration! Adorable drawing of Sweet Pea; I def see the linkeness! Paws Up, Tony! :D

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

I LOVE the drawing! I hope he continues, as well.


Give all your furbabies a great big Hawaiian HUG from us!!