Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peter Carl Faberge 166th Birthday

I found Martinichick's photo on Flickr.  It seems very appropriate for a sighthound lover like me to use to acknowledge the birthday of Peter Carl Faberge.  Plus, Gracie looks just like our Sweet Pea.  Peter Carl Faberge was born 166 years ago today.  Yes, Google keeps me well informed about important and not so important dates and anniversaries.

Faberge changed the way Russian Tzar's thought about jewelry.  His amazing work featured the highest quality craftsmanship and not necessarily lots of precious gems of high monetary value.  Lots of gemstones, to show off their monetary wealth, had been what the royals had previously desired.  This is a change someone like me who loves handcrafted art can appreciate...also, I will never have a royal's purse. 

These eggs always remind me of the 1970s craft kit I was given as a child.  It had a plastic egg, which was to be decoupaged, hinges attached so that the egg opened, metallic trim to glue on.  It was  thing of beauty when I was done.  I say that with much sarcasm.  It really was a huge gluey mess, with doors barely hanging on.  What fun!     

This site has an interesting historical summary of Faberge, the Russian Romanov's, and other tidbits of info:


kc said...

a sighthound as a chicken! too funny!

Art and Sew Forth said...

That is an amazing photo! He was a brilliant!