Thursday, July 29, 2010

Falconry - Rock in the Sea - Shocking Blue

Tricia, of the blog Carried Away, posted this YouTube link. The video from BBC is taken from a camera on the back of a bird trained in falconry. The bird soars above an ocean and cliff, then zooms through trees in a forest. The forest scene reminds Tricia, and I, of the scene in Return of the Jedi' as they fly through the giant trees on their land speeders. The music accompaning the video is Rock in the Sea by Shocking Blue, a Dutch band of the late 60's and ealy 70s. I love the music and video together.

I'm also reminded of the lady who would bring her birds to my grandparents farm. She would stop in the house, talk for a while, then take the birds out to the fields. I remember feeling so lucky to have been visiting my grandparents on the same day she was there. It was very exciting to watch the birds fly out and soar around. It was so amazing to watch them always return to a person. It still is!

I found this page about Saluki and falconry, titled Falconer's Dream. I like the photo of the dog and the bird. It briefly speaks of how highly regarded the Saluki was by the Abrabians. Throughout the middle ages, hounds and falconry was a sport of wealthy nobelman. Given my personal experience with my 4 tiny hounds, it is hard to believe they share genes with dogs that hunt. My lap dogs only lounge and wait for dinner to be served.

I am always searching for sighthound collectibles. I purchased a Delft tile at a rescue fundraiser some years ago. It shows a hunt scene with a man resting by a tree with his dogs...some of which look like sighthounds. In the background is another man with his birds. The following YouTube video gives the description and history of falconry. It gives insight to what my delft tile is actually depicting.


tricia said...

I am tickled that you posted this on your blog Sue!

You pun

I will check out that falconry link!


AngelPups said...

That YouTube video of the bird trained in falconry with the camera attached was PHENOMENAL!! Fantastic Post! Loved it!! Please share with Tricia how much it was appreciated!! God Bless~

PetsJubilee said...

I loved it! Something humans never get to experience, no matter how much we try to duplicate it.

Josh Healy said...

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