Monday, December 8, 2008

Girl Scout Project

I received a phone call from my sister yesterday. She wondered if I could pull together a bunch of necklaces for her girl scout troop. The purpose of the project is for the girls to learn how to gift wrap a box, and to have something to give a friend or family member.

I thought I could easily pull something together and had supplies in mind. Always working best under pressure, I waited till 2 hours before due time, only to discover my original plans were not going to work. Yes, waiting till the last minute is a family trait. LOL!

All worked out for the best. I epoxyed a few rhinestones on two extra pendants, offering an idea for decorating. I am happy with what I did prepare for the scouts and look forward to seeing photos of their creative take on these simply pendants.

1 comment:

dreameyce said...

I seem to enjoy pressure too! LOL

Those are so cute! What an awesome way to use your art, to help the community!